Theater Bremen
Noon / Café Bar Foyer
Caspar Sessler
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Noon is the lobby of the Theater Bremen, situated in the heart of the city. At daytime it opens the doors to everyone who wants to enjoy a good cup of coffe, to read a book or to work on his computer. In the evening Noon welcomes the theater guests with food and drinks before and after the play. And at night the space often turns into a disco with
live perfomances of various kinds.

When Noon re-opened in september 2014, the Theater wanted to transform the foyer into a cultural meeting point less purpose oriented than before. I was given the task to design a new interior concept including furniture and lighting that suits the new idea. This was my first independant project afte I graduated.

The concept I developed for that space is based on the idea to bring the stage out of the theater into the foyer. I used rough materials and basic constructions - according to the way how things are produced for the stage. It was very important to me, that everything was manufactured locally inside the workshops of the theater. In addition the concept follows the idea to create a flexible room with solid furniture pieces and a movable lighting system to adapt the interior easily to the different room requirements.