Foot Solid oak, metal coloured
Luminaire head Magnetic epoxy resin, neodym magnets
G4 LED spot, 3W
20 cm x 50 cm
Caspar Sessler, Studio Moritz Putzier
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Noctus is a table lamp. Unusual about that lamp are the proportions as well as the arrangement of the head and the base. It creates an appear-
ance that breaks with the conventions of most table lamps. Using wood in combination with elements of powder coated metall, makes a homely character.

All single parts follow a simple geometric principle. This interaction of basic shapes give Noctus a graphic look. The distinguishing element of the lamp is the conspicuous small luminaire head- a hollow sphere made of magnetic epoxy resin with an embedded lens. The sphere is hold by six little neodym magnets, all lined up in a circular plastic ring. So the sphere is more or less levitating as it does not directly touch the magnets. This unique magnetic joint allows the luminaire head to move freely and rotate the light easily into the desired position without any complex connection.