Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH
Top BauBuche Panels
Legs Powder coated flat steel,
solid Pollmeier beech
Table 220 cm x 80 cm x 76 cm
Bench 165 cm x 40 cm x 47 cm
Nicola Rehage
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Being asked by the German timber producer Pollmeier Moritz Putzier developed a range of furniture pieces to promote their new product, what they call BauBuche. Characterized by this material, the ‘Levo’ dining table with matching benches, are exceptionally strong with economical use of materials. These features open up completely new dimensionsin the world of furniture design.

The dining range design plays with various contrasts – geometric shapes meet filigree elements, while the combination of materials creates exciting details and discontinuities. The focus of the design draft is the table-top and the seats, which are made from BauBuche Panel. With this material, the veneers are vertical to the surface, creating a particularly elegant and vital look. And even the tabletop thickness is immediately noticeable: with tapering at the sides and
a maximum thickness of 28 mm in the centre, it looks as though the table-top is almost too thin for its purpose. But its high load-bearing capacity makes BauBuche sturdy and resilient even in slender and filigree forms. The table legs are also made from beechwood, with opaque varnishing. Fine metal elements in contrasting colours act as connecting pieces between the legs and the table-top, and disappear
so subtly that the impression of a visual floating table top arises.


BauBuche was developed in 2011 with a completely new process tech-
nology which allows to economically produce top-quality laminated veneer lumber from beech for structural applications.
BauBuche comprises boards and beams for timber construction as well as panels for furniture and interior design. Its exceptional strength allows much more slender construction than it would be possible with softwood. The high surface quality makes BauBuche ideal for exposed construction elements. Pollmeier uses only raw materials from local
and sustainably managed forests in its production.